How This Simple Superfood Helps a Time-Crunched, Single Mom of 4 Make Healthy, Gut-Restoring Meals For Her Whole Family...

And STILL Have Time For Self-Care!

Feeding Your Family Tasty, Healthy, Home-Cooked Meals Just Became Easier!

When was the last time you found yourself staring at a fridge full of fresh food that you had bought with good intentions, but now it's dinner time—you're exhausted, and your family is hungry—and all you want to do is get everyone fed quickly and in bed so you can have a minute to yourself?

You promise yourself that tomorrow will be different, but before you know it, that healthy fresh food is rotting in the refrigerator because you never got around to cooking it.

The truth is, it's not your fault.

Too often as parents, we find ourselves compromising on the things that matter most as a result of the constant overwhelm and endless responsibilities of raising a family.

It doesn't have to be this way.

Would it surprise you that as a single mom of 4, I’m able to make delicious, healthy home-cooked meals my picky daughters love...

…and still have time to rest…

…the energy to play…

…and do all the things I love?

Hi, my name is Kelsey King

I’ve dedicated years of my life to helping busy mom’s make tasty and nutritious home-cooked meals without being tied to the kitchen all day…using one simple secret.

Bone broth.


Adding bone broth to regular food is like turning it into a superfood…

You can add it to everything…

🍚 Rice

🥣 Soups

🌮 Tacos

🧀 Even macaroni and cheese…

Can you imagine?

Macaroni and cheese as a superfood?!

You can finally turn any meal into a gut-healing, nutrient-rich, simple-to-make superfood that your entire family will love just by adding bone broth.

No more bloating…

No more uncomfortable tummies…

No more picky eaters…

And the way I prepare bone broth is one of the most delicious foods you’ll ever have…

It fills your house with the coziest smell that has everyone Mmmm-ing and eagerly asking "When is dinner going to be ready?!"…

Here’s the best part:

The moment your family takes the first bite, their faces light up with joy and surprise…

“This is SO GOOD! Can I have more??”

“Honey, you’ve really outdone yourself this time.”

But don’t take my word for it.

Thousands of moms have followed my method and their families have fallen in love with it too…

"Broth Academy has been a game-changer for my family's health"

"Broth Academy has been a game-changer for my family's health. My husband and kids used to be so picky about what they ate, but ever since I started incorporating bone broth into our meals, they all can't get enough! Thanks to Broth Academy, I've become a bone broth pro, and my family is definitely feeling the benefits. My husband's chronic stomach issues have improved so much!"



I used to think making bone broth was too complicated, but Broth Academy made it so easy to understand.

"I used to think making bone broth was too complicated, but Broth Academy made it so easy to understand. Now, I whip up batches of nourishing bone broth regularly, and my family loves it...I mean LOVES IT! We've noticed huge improvements in our gut health, as well as my son's severe eczema. Thank you, Kelsey!"



This course has truly transformed our family meals

"Broth Academy has completely changed how I cook for my family. I used to rely on store-bought broths, but now that I know how to make my own nutrient-dense bone broth, there's no going back! Even my pickiest kiddo can't resist. He runs to me with a cup begging for bone broth every time I make a new batch. This course has truly transformed our family meals."



These women and thousands more are the reason I created Broth Academy…
This is for moms that...
  • Find mealtimes stressful…you often hear complaining, and sometimes nobody even wants to be there or eat your food.
  • Are bound to the kitchen all day preparing meals, making snacks, and doing dishes…it's endless work.
  • Feel overworked and exhausted...tensions are high and you’re just barely keeping on top of everything.
  • Feel guilty about less-than-healthy convenience foods or getting take-out...because busy schedules got in the way of cooking yet again.
  • Want to stop giving their children packaged, processed food…it's all the kids ever want to eat.
  • Have good intentions but who simply don’t have the time or energy to feed her family like she’d like to…you don’t want to let another day go by with your family missing out on healthy, home-cooked meals.

I made it for them because I was that mom years ago...

Because one thing's for sure...

In a world where prioritizing your family's health is critical, embracing nourishing, home-cooked meals matters more than ever right now


You could be using the best quality organic ingredients, the healthiest well-thought-out meal plans, and making homemade daily meals from scratch…

But still struggle with your family’s health and well-being.

You might already be spending hours every week feeding everyone with intention, but still can’t figure out why all that effort doesn’t seem to be working like you want it to.

The truth is…

The solutions you've been using aren't addressing the root issues.

In our fast-paced modern lifestyle, many families face an increased risk of immune dysfunction due to various stressors and toxins.

But it's essential to understand that it's not just about the diet you follow. Every diet has its advantages and disadvantages.

What truly matters is using the right approaches to support your family's immune systems. By doing so, you can alleviate issues like eczema, tummy troubles, anxiety, depression, and more.

That’s why I’m so passionate about bone broth…

If it wasn’t for bone broth...
I probably wouldn’t be alive right now

I know that may sound harsh and exaggerated… but it's true.

At just 26 years old my body was a mess…

And I truly feel like this simple food saved my life.

After my second child was born, I was suddenly allergic to everything I ate…

I had no idea why.

I went to doctors and nutritionists…I even tried alternative medicine…But nothing helped.

Turns out, my gut health was a wreck…

And if you’ve ever had or known anyone with gut issues, then honestly…

You’re worried about what the future could hold if you don't make changes

I went from enjoying life, to all of a sudden dealing with all sorts of health problems, like:

  • Constant headaches

  • Eczema

  • Food allergies and sensitivities
  • Brain fog and exhaustion

  • A dangerously low immune system

  • Fertility and libido issues
  • Trouble sleeping

  • Stomach cramps, diarrhea, constipation, and bloating

  • Thinning hair

  • And even premature aging skin

Do you know what it’s like being out with your family and all of a sudden you need to find a bathroom ASAP!?


And the gut issue wasn’t only affecting me physically….

It was also having a direct effect on my mental health…anxiety, mood swings, panic attacks…all of it was due to my bad gut health…

I was exhausted all the time. All I could do was lay on the couch while life passed me by…I felt so frustrated and hopeless.

That’s simply no way to live!

I believe the potential for better health, reaching your nutritional goals, and enjoying a long, happy life is within everyone's reach


I looked everywhere for a solution to my health problems.

And then one day, I heard about a healing diet called the GAPS diet and decided that I would dive in without really knowing what it was.

I told my family that I thought our lives were about to change…

To be honest, it was my last hope.

And the very next day I made my first pot of broth.

What I didn't know was that…

My first pot of broth began a completely new chapter of my life

I began to heal my body—and soul.

It wasn’t until I included bone broth in my diet that every issue I had simply started to fade away…

Within days, my headaches disappeared…

My digestion problems vanished…

I fell asleep faster and woke up actually feeling refreshed…

Within weeks, my skin cleared up…

I looked and FELT so much better…

And best of all, I was back to being the mom I wanted to be…

I was overflowing with all-day energy.

Now, I’ve made thousands of pots of broth and continue to use it to sustain my health and nourish my family.

From that point on, my mission was to help mamas and families experience the same incredible transformation for themselves.

That’s why…

Today, I'm determined to simplify the entire process of cooking, kitchen cleanup, and preparing meals. I want to show you how nourishing your family can be effortless!


I want people to understand that broth is not about being tied to the kitchen…It’s about ease and simplicity.

As a mother of four, I don’t have time for fussy meals.

And truly, I cannot think of a healthier or more simple food than broth.

One thing I know for sure is that your body, your soul, your family will thank you for it.

Broth Academy is much more than a simple way to make nutrient-rich, tasty bone broths, stocks and home-cooked meals…

I’ve designed it to be a path to a new you…

  • A new you that cares for your family from a place of peace and ease…
  • A new you that happily gathers with your family around the table to enjoy warm home-cooked meals…
  • A new you that’s free from the kitchen and has the time and energy for things you love most.

Thousands of Broth Academy moms, including myself, have finally become the new version of themselves that they have always wanted to be…

All they needed was a straightforward plan like what’s in Broth Academy to make everything easier.

I would have given anything in my reach to feel how amazing I feel now…

Especially considering all of the lifelong health problems I could’ve had from ignoring an unhealthy gut at just 26 years old…

The autoimmune challenges…the inflammation…struggles with weight…blood sugar…heart health…anxiety…stomach pains…

I could go on and on.

I truly believe any person can transform their health and change their lives with Broth Academy

That’s why I want to invite you to join today…

Everything inside of Broth Academy has now transformed the lives of over 2,382 families (and counting!) across America and different countries.

Just look at what they've had to say here:

“The Flavors were amazing!
I couldn’t stop eating it!”

“Last week I made it and instead of using store bought chicken broth, I used my bone broth! YOU GUYS! Wow! It was so much better! The flavors were amazing! I couldn’t stop eating it! Like not just a bit better, but out of the ballpark better! My baby is starting solids right now and I'm so excited to be able to give her such a nourishing first food!”



“Thank you again, Kelsey!
You’re Amazing!”

”Since enrolling in Broth Academy, I now make stock and bone broth twice a week because it’s made such a difference in my picky eater’s health! When we were sick, I made Broth Academy Immunity Broth, and I swear it’s the trick for getting us over our “ills.” I always knew that chicken stock was kind of healing, but now that I know how to make it myself the right way, it works way better than what I was doing before. Thank you again, Kelsey! You’re amazing!



“My house smells so amazing right now!”

“It was very exciting for me to pour solid jiggly broth into my pot for chicken noodle soup today and watch it turn back into liquid! I've never been able to get my broth to turn gelatinous like this before. My house smells so amazing right now with the soup cooking. I’m excited to make chicken stock next!”



“This is the bone broth I’ve been aiming for all along!”

“I just finished making Kelsey’s beef bone broth broth and it’s absolutely delicious. I learned so much within the first 16 minutes of Broth Academy! The broth I just made is so fragrant and delicious—this is the bone broth I’ve been aiming for all along! Thanks Kelsey!”


—Sarah A.

“My mom has found it to be so healing and my kids love it!”

“It’s going so good! The broth has added an insane amount of yummy flavor to anything I add it to. I’ve also been requested by my mom to give her 2 cups every time I make some. She too has found it to be so healing. My kids love it! They think things taste so much better and I don’t feel bad when they only eat a little bit. Bone broth goes in almost everything now. I’m so happy I took this course.”


—Sarah T.

“I made the Juiciest Roasted Chicken and was shocked!”

“I made the juiciest roasted chicken last night and my husband was shocked at how moist the breasts were. We no longer fight over chicken legs, we all want the perfectly moist breast! That's never happened before, wow!”



I've built support into the curriculum to make sure you reach the finish line...

Nearly an hour and a half of up close and personal video training that feels like you're right there with me in the kitchen.


Broth Academy is a self-guided experience, that you can complete in your own time and refer back to whenever needed.


Access to an established community of like-minded broth-loving mamas who are ready to support you every step of the way.


Over 70+ simple and nourishing gluten-free (many also grain & dairy-free!) broth-based 100%-family-friendly recipes to make use of all that liquid gold. 

Broth Academy Signature Course
  • Lifetime Access to the Complete Broth Academy System (Value $1,458)

  • Signature Broth Academy Step-by-step Video Trainings (Value $597)

  • Exclusive Broth Academy Support Community (Value $397)

  • Expert-led Broth Academy Roundtable Talks with Real Moms (Value $497)

  • BONUS #1: The Broth Academy Quickstart Masterclass Series (Value $397) 

  • BONUS #2: 7-Day Family Gut Reset Meal Plan (Value $147)  

  • BONUS #3: Holiday Thanksgiving Bone Broth Masterclass (Value $147) 

  • BONUS #4: Broth Academy Cookbooks with 70+ Family-friendly Bone Broth Recipes (Value $97)

  • BONUS #5: Broth Academy Kitchen Essentials Shopping Guide & Exclusive Discounts (Value $119)


But you won't be paying ANYWHERE near that...

Enroll today and you'll also get access to these bonuses...

Broth Academy Masterclass Series

Join me this month for a series of 4 LIVE Masterclasses and Q&A, including:

Babies and Broth: Discover practical tips and advice for introducing broth to babies, for a nourishing start. Plus, how to use Broth Academy "Super Broth" to supercharge your baby's development.

Broth For the Whole Family & Pets: 
Learn how to practically implement the broth lifestyle for your entire family so that it makes your life easier and isn't just "one more thing to do". You'll even learn how to use broth to support your four-legged friends.

Broth & Motherhood:
Gain valuable insights and techniques on using broth to support you throughout all stages of motherhood - from pre-conception, pregnancy, postpartum, everyday motherhood, menstruation, and beyond.

Broth Storage 101: My expert storage and freezing tips for your finished broth. These are simple and mess-free strategies that will save you so much time, effort, and frustration! You won't want to miss this.

($397 value)


Broth Academy E-Cookbooks

Over 70 simple family-friendly recipes like:

Smoked Salmon Chowder, White Wine Chicken Stew, Shepherd's Pie, Healthy Hamburger Helper, Butternut Squash Lasagna, Loaded Baked Potato Soup, Tuna Noodle Casserole, Biscuits & Gravy, Pork Carnitas, Bone Broth Gravy, and MORE.

All of the recipes are gluten-free, many are grain-free, and most of them can even be made dairy-free.

($67 value)

Thanksgiving Turkey Bone Broth Video Masterclass

You're making your turkey bone broth all wrong!

Make the most of your Thanksgiving turkey with this pre-recorded step-by-step video training where you'll virtually join me in my kitchen and learn how to transform your leftover turkey into delicious and gelatinous turkey bone broth—broth that won't make your house smell terrible, and that your family will actually want to eat!

You'll also get my exclusive recipe for Creamy Turkey and Rice Soup (aka: Thanksgiving Soup) to put that nourishing bone broth to good use. This is the perfect recipe to use up your Thanksgiving leftovers.

($147 value)

The Broth Academy Kitchen Essentials Shopping Guide & Exclusive Discounts

Make sure you have everything you need to succeed with this thoughtfully curated Broth Academy Kitchen Essentials Guide. You'll get our recommendations for the best pots, tools, and storage essentials so that you can feel confident getting started.

We've also included budget and splurge options so that you can find the right tools to fit your needs and budget. You'll even get exclusive discount codes for some of our favorite kitchen essentials!

($119+ value)

7-Day Family Gut Reset Meal Plan

Kickstart your journey to better gut health with the Broth Academy 7-Day Family Gut Reset. The 7-Day Family Gut Reset is designed to help you press the reset button on your family's health and well-being. And, you don't have to do it alone!

With delicious recipes and easy-to-follow guidance, leveling up your family's health has never been so simple and enjoyable. It's like having a trusted friend in the kitchen, making the journey to better health a breeze. This family-friendly meal plan is designed for health-minded moms just like you!

($147 value)
Now you can make gut-nourishing, delicious bone broth at home without worrying...
Because You’re Protected by My 100% “Money Where My Mouth Is” Guarantee

You deserve nothing but the best. I mean it.

I’m extremely proud of this program and know that anyone who buys it and implements the strategies will be thrilled with their purchase.

However, if you’re not 100% satisfied, I will refund your money within 14 days of your purchase. Scouts honor. This means, when you enroll, you'll have 14 days to go through everything inside the program...

And if you don't see any positive results from this training, simply show me that you've done the work and I'll refund your investment.

Why would I do this?

Because you shouldn't have to pay for something that doesn't work! And I'm so convinced of how effective this is that I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is. That's how much I believe in Broth Academy.

Now, you’ve reached a fork in the road of life…


You could ignore everything you’ve discovered on this page…allowing life to keep getting in your way…

Watching the healthy food rot in your fridge…

Then numbing yourself from the guilt of another less-than-healthy meal…

Listening to your kids saying “mommy thank you!” while you watch them devour food you know deep down isn't what's best for them…

…lowers their immune defenses…

…and hinders their development…

I know, because that was me.

I was the child that was fed junk food…

And at only 26 years old I almost lost my life…

Doing nothing almost took away my life without much warning…

…and I can’t imagine if something like that happened to my children simply because I chose to not change my poor habits…


You could take what you’ve learned here, scour YouTube, prepare pot of broth after pot of broth…trying to get that delicious, gelatinous, silky liquid gold full of collagen and protein…with the right seasoning that boosts the health benefits and makes your home smell amazing…

…hoping you finally get it right…yet end up giving up because nobody likes the taste or the smell…and you can’t blame them because you don’t like it either…

It's watery, bland, and tastes and smells like over-cooked meat. Yuck. 🤢

And resort back to those bad old habits…

It doesn’t have to be that way.


You can decide RIGHT NOW that today is the first day of the rest of your life…

And shortcut your way into a new life with the peace of mind your family is cared for in mind, body and soul…

You finally know your family is being nourished with YOUR delicious meals…

Dinner time is something they actually look forward to…

They’re at the table before the food’s even ready…

And every time they take the first bite, you see them smile.

You finally have life under control.

Your family is happy and healthy.

That’s been my experience and the experience of thousands of women after joining Broth Academy…

Whatever path you decide to take, there is a future ‘you’ waiting. You have the choice to decide what that version of you will look like.

The Choice is Yours… Broth Academy is the map that gets you where you want to go next.

YES! I'd Like To Enroll In Broth Academy Today

Enroll In Broth Academy And Get All 5 Bonuses For FREE Today!
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Thousands of mom’s love what’s inside Broth Academy 💌

Hi, I'm Kelsey King

I can't count the times I've said to myself, "I just need a break. I love my family, but I have nothing left to give."

For years, I felt guilty that I couldn't do it all. I hardly had time to spend with my family because I was practically chained to the kitchen all day making healthy meals for them. And then, I hated seeing the disappointment on their faces when I would give them yet another meal they didn't even want to eat.

I knew deep down that there had to be a better way.

Then my life came to a grinding halt after one of my children was born back in 2014. I became really sick, and tried to get help but couldn't find any answers. It became clear that I needed to figure this out on my own.

I had heard about a healing diet called the GAPS diet and decided I would dive in. This diet required me to have broth with every meal, and while you might think I'd be sick of it by now...I never looked back.

Now, I’ve made thousands of pots of broth, and continue to use it to sustain my health and nourish my family. It comforts us when we’re tired or unwell, and grounds us in the more chaotic moments of life.

I want you to understand that broth is not about being tied to the kitchen. It’s about ease and simplicity.

As a single mother of four, I don’t have time for fussy meals. To me, this is what broth is about—that space where health and simplicity meet.

If you're still reading, there's something holding you back, you may be asking yourself...

Broth Academy Signature Course

  • Lifetime Access to the Complete Broth Academy System (Value $1,458)

  •  Signature Broth Academy Step-by-step Video Trainings (Value $597)

  •  Exclusive Broth Academy Support Community (Value $397)

  •  Expert-led Broth Academy Roundtable Talks with Real Moms (Value $497)

  • BONUS #1: The Broth Academy Quickstart Masterclass Series  (Value $397) 

  • BONUS #2: 7-Day Family Gut Reset Meal Plan (Value $147) 

  •  BONUS #3: Holiday Thanksgiving Bone Broth Masterclass (Value $147) 

  •  BONUS #4: Broth Academy Cookbooks with 70+ Family-friendly Bone Broth Recipes (Value $97) 

  • BONUS #5: Broth Academy Kitchen Essentials Shopping Guide & Exclusive Discounts (Value $119)

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